Interaction designers have the ability to create innovation with impact! At Interaction13 we will come together as likeminded thinkers, designers, and problem solvers for the introduction of something new to improve upon existing challenges or capitalize on opportunities that will have a direct positive impact on people, a community, an organization or society. Exploring innovation with impact at Interaction13 gives us the opportunity to further define our role as guides to collaborate on key ideas and innovations while reapplying classic design principles with innovative approaches to elevate the discipline of Interaction Design.



Join us at Interaction13 to partake in four days of innovation with impact! We will explore how we can continue to evolve our craft and enhance our social collaborations to drive the best innovations that will have a lasting positive impact on the world! As we reflect on 10 years of IxDA and how this organization has helped us shape our design profession, the question at hand is how can we enhance and redefine our role as designers? We are aiming to find stories and case studies that help us understand how we can better collaborate within various design communities; how ideas we have used from different worlds, outside of what’s most natural to us, have helped us think differently and solve problems or capture opportunities; and how we can find inspiration from our societies for new ideas and application of old ones to better fulfill customer needs.



Our theme focuses on exploring how design collaborates with other disciplines to create innovation with impact. Interaction13 is about discovering new ways for social collaboration to bring groups of designers together around new thinking, evolving ideas and refining existing experiences to better innovate on value propositions and experience design for greater positive impact. Let’s collaborate as a community of futurists on ideas and innovations that will help “architect” and shape the new world… digital and beyond.

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