Daily Recap: Day 2

The second day kicked off with a dance party!

Jer Torp‘s Data & Human Experience keynote

So with the morning dancing out of the way our first keynote speaker of the day took the stage and shared some fascinating visualizations of sets of numbers (defining data as the measurement of something). Jerinspired & encouraged – always seek out the more engaging & creative ways to help people make sense of things. Words really can’t do the keynote justice so instead you’ll find a picture and a link to one of the projects Jer spoke about that includes a video to be able to truly get a sense for how engaging data sets can become.


Data Depth & Ingenuity

While there were a ton of incredible talks during the day the opening keynote naturally extended into a panel discussing what happens to our data as time passes by. It was a question-packed debate with Jer ThorpTodd SilversteinAndrew Crow & Ben Fullerton all sharing their insights.


IxDA Awards, 2 more days of Interaction 13

Whenever you have a moment be sure to check out http://www.ixda.org/awards because the awards are up there now, since last night’s ceremony has wrapped up (stay tuned for pictures from that soon!).

Time for Day 3 opening keynote…see you there!