IxD13 Morning News: Celebrating 10 Years of IxDA

Good Morning Interaction13 Attendees!

We hope everyone has been enjoying the conference thus far. As usual, we will have some music to get you grooving in the morning. Grab your breakfast and coffee before you get to MTCC since and we will provide caffeinated beverages to give you a boost during our first morning break at 10:30 a.m. There is also a cafe merchant brewing coffees and tea for purchase before this time in the main exhibit hall for IxD13. Water coolers with biodegradable cups in are in the back of every room. Help yourself to water as you need it and stay hydrated!

From 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. hear Hyoseon Sunny Kim, a native of Daejeon, Korea began studying piano at the age of five and immediately showed her talent, winning top prizes at local competitions.

Morning Keynote: Paul Adams

How to Design Social Experiences (MTCC-718 at 9:45 a.m.)

The web is evolving, orienting around people rather than content. As a result, almost all UX professionals will increasingly need to design social experiences. Designing interactions between people is different from designing user experiences. For example there is often no clear task to design for, no set user goal, and no clear outcome.

To complicate matters further, people’s sense of identity and the social interactions they have with others are subtle and nuanced. This means you can never predict how people will respond to what you create for them. Not only does this uncertainty mean that we need a very different approach to product development to be successful, it means that we need to be ready to iterate in real time – to change what we have launched almost immediately after we have launched it.

Paul will talk about the social design process, how it differs from classic user-centred design methods, and will explain why he thinks UX professionals will need to change how they work to be successful in the future.

IxDA Anniversary Program

(MTCC 718 at 4:15 p.m.)

Join members of the IxDA leadership – past and present – for a look at how our community has evolved between 2003 and 2013.  Learn how IxDA started. Discover some of IxDA’s secrets: key moments, inflection points, lessons learned, and how it’s impacted peoples’ lives and work. Hear about where IxDA is today and where it’s going – what are our ideas & goals for the future and how we might get there through working together.

Nom Nom, Lunch

We have a delicious lunch planned for you today.

Honor System requested at lunch! This year we have a higher percentage of dietary restrictions. Please stick to what you’ve identified for your dietary preferences. Be kind and courteous and do not consume the vegeterian buffet if you did not identify yourself to be a vegetarian. We have enough food based on what the preferences you told us at registration..and you really don’t want to deal with hungry vegetarians..! :)

Lunch seating will be available to attendees in rooms 714 & 716

Rolls & Butter, Tiny Butter Tarts

Salad: Simple greens with roasted greenhouse grape tomatoes, marinated zucchini, oil and vinegar

Main (non-veg): Mac and Cheese with Ontario mushrooms, carmelized onions, Gruyere mornay

Main (veg): Quinoa cakes served with braised rapini & heirloom Ontario beans & faro

Dessert: Seasonal fruit crumble

Beverages: Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee/tea, water

Happy Hour

Sponsored by HUGE

Special thanks to HUGE for this well-deserved happy hour. After Day 3, you will have much to talk about with your fellow attendees. Take a moment to relax and chat with like-minded Interaction Designers about your favorite session from the day.

Coroflot Connects

Join us for Coroflot Connects, a high energy networking event exclusively for Interaction 13 Conference attendees. Enjoy food and refreshments while you rub elbows with decision makers from companies across the country. Whether you’re hiring or looking for you next career move, you’ll find it at Coroflot Connects. Sign up today!