IxD13 Morning News: All Good Things Must Come To An End


Good Morning Interaction13 Attendees!

Today is the final day of Interaction13… sad, but true. From the twitter feed, it sounds like everyone has been enjoying themselves, reconnecting with old friends, making new connections, and being inspired while attending some of the fantastic talks in the program. As we close out the day we will have an opportunity to reflect on the conference program during the IxD13: Redux Live, so be sure to join us for a fresh perspective from our three panelists.

A brief morning announcement: We will not be having morning music today so take that time to grab breakfast and coffee before heading over to the MTCC. We will have our first coffee break at 10:30 a.m. before breakout sessions.

Afternoon Keynote: John Bielenberg

Rubber Ducks and Hockey Gloves (Or, how to jump the ingenuity gap) – MTCC 718 at 4:30 p.m.

Walking across an empty room does not require ingenuity. But add bears, alligators and land mines and ingenuity will be required to get across safely. We live in an increasingly complex world where the bears, alligators and land mines are replaced with climate change, peak oil, and population growth to name a few.

However, humans have the capacity for developing ingenious solutions to these challenges and designers are well positioned to fill this gap. How do you unlock the ingenuity that exists within people and organizations? Welcome to Future Blitz, the process of using rapid ingenuity to address your greatest challenges.

Nom Nom, Lunch

We have a delicious lunch planned for you today.

Honor System requested at lunch! This year we have a higher percentage of dietary restrictions. Please stick to what you’ve identified for your dietary preferences. Be kind and courteous and do not consume the vegeterian buffet if you did not identify yourself to be a vegetarian. We have enough food based on what the preferences you told us at registration..and you really don’t want to deal with hungry vegetarians..! :)

Lunch seating will be available to attendees in rooms 714 & 716

Rolls & Butter, Tiny Butter Tarts

Salad: Wheat berry salad with roasted vegetables

Main (non-veg): Maple pulled pork with Ace Bakery Seeded Wheat Roll

Main (veg): Gluten Free Corn Buucatini, green vegetables in season, cured olives & mixed mushrooms in arugula pesto

Dessert: Niagra Fruit and Almond Square

Beverages: Freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee/tea, water

The Great UX Debate

Following the outstanding success of the ‘Great IxDA Debate’ at Interaction12, Dublin, SapientNitro & IxDA have joined forces once again to organize another ‘Great UX Debate’ at Interaction13, Toronto.

On the morning of January 31st, join a panel of five industry experts and over 300 UX practitioners, to play your part in resolving some of the toughest debate statements the UX community can muster!

Don’t miss out. Join the debate and contribute to shaping the future of our industry…