January 27, 5:30-9:00pm

Whether you are just arriving in Toronto, or looking to unwind after a full day of workshops, join us for at OCAD U, Canada’s university of the imagination.

Snacks and refreshments are made possible by our sponsor Mad*Pow – an experience design agency that creates intuitive websites, applications, internal systems, and interactive media for industry leaders.

We have teamed up with PechaKucha – who are also celebrating their 10 anniversary – to present an evening of rapid fire talks: 20 slides x 20 seconds each (you do the math). Come hear presentations that are bound to get the conversation about social impact and innovation started. Mix and mingle with old friends and make new acquaintances.


My Dear Watson:

Personality for Smart Applications

PechaKucha with Nicki Vance
OCAD - 187Process

What Makes a Design Modern?

PechaKucha with David Rondeau
OCAD - 187Context

10 Things You NEVER Do in a Client Meeting

PechaKucha with Dan Willis
OCAD - 187Strategy

From Coarse to Fine:

Insights from Landscape Design

PechaKucha with Maria Cordell
OCAD - 187Process

Ceci N'est Pas Une Bacon Printer

PechaKucha with Andrea Dulko
OCAD - 187Process

Sketch to Win

PechaKucha with David Panarelli
OCAD - 187Process

Is That A Flaming Sword Coming Out Of Your Chest, Or Is Toronto Just Happy To See You:

Scott Pilgrim & Experience Design

PechaKucha with Jason Alderman
OCAD - 187Context

Culture of a Tribe:

Why the editors of Wikipedia do what they do.

PechaKucha with Vibha Bamba
OCAD - 187Education/Community

Make Me Say, “Wow!”

PechaKucha with Peter Stahl
OCAD - 187Strategy

Using Personas To Provide Objectivity, Not Empathy

PechaKucha with Wendy Stengel
OCAD - 187Process

Designing Science:

Human Centered Design Meets Science Communication

PechaKucha with Jennifer Briselli
OCAD - 187Education/Community

Side View Mirror Project

PechaKucha with Erik Dahl
OCAD - 187Context